Friday, September 2, 2011

Love for Arianne

There are people you meet in your life who you feel like you've known forever.  People who you meet online, then in real life and think, "haven't I always known you?"

I have a handful of these friends that I have met online.  One of them is throwing a virtual shower for another one!

Waiting for Wicked in New York.  Yep, I'm a hot sweaty mess. Aren't they gorgeous though?

Arianne is one of my favorite people in the world.  She and I have similar parenting styles, philosophies about life, and Angel daughters waiting for us up above.

Ari is pregnant and due any minute now.  I found out she was pregnant at Blissdom this year.  She pulled me aside and said with giddy anticipation, "I'm pregnant! but SHHHH don't tell anyone, ok? I'm only about 6 weeks".  I squealed and hugged her tight.  The babe in my womb jumped for joy.

I knew she would have an emotionally rough road.  Just 18 months ago she gave birth to her sweet Mabel Love.  Pregnancy + Grief = crazy emotions and lots of crying. LOTS OF CRYING.

But, I knew she could do it.  And she has.

Ari and Sara on our way to a NYC apartment where we sang  Newsies all night long.

So, to celebrate this amazing woman, who so many adore, our dear friend (and Ari's twin (not really, but OH MAN, you should SEE the two of them together. They really are twins)) Sara Sophia, has organized an amazing online baby shower!

 Sara Sophia has contacted some of the most amazing companies to give Arianne fabulous gifts.  And, those great companies are giving them to Sara Sophia's readers also!

But that is not all.  Even though free stuff is amazing, there is another aspect to this shower that I especially adore.  The writing.  Arianne and Sara Sophia are writers at heart.  Their words resonate with so many, and just flow off their fingertips.  They appreciate good writing, and not so great writing (like mine, ha!).

So, Sara Sophia has contacted many of Arianne's friends to have us write a little something for her.  My words come straight from my heart and my experience. I read them again and I cry every time because they are so so true.

Please join with me in showering Arianne with love as she prepares for the birth of her new beautiful baby. 


Rebecca Bany said...

Awww I love babies. Congrats to Arianne. God bless and good luck.

Arianne said...

This love letter to S.S. and I? ADORE IT. Not only have you made me fall in love with you (and her) all over again, but reminded me of the special heart strings I have all over the place. They are still there through quiet and busy, always always connected.

Love you. <3

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Such GREAT photos and Kim, your words are treasures. I'm blessed to call you all friends.


DAD said...

I don't even know Arianne and I felt your great love for her and the empathy you have for her and all moms who have lost little ones through your words.

I am proud that you are my daughter.

My love and best wishes to Arianne and her new little one.


DAD said...

Love my granddaughter! She IS so like here mother. Love you both.