Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When She's The Oldest at Home...

"Mama? Tan we go to Tat Holly Part? Please Mama?"

Normally my response would be "No baby, it's too hot today".  But today it was not.

We went to the park.  I pushed her on the Merry Go Round and in the swings.  She flew like Superman (or girl) and went down the slides "1 more time, otay Mama?" over and over and over.

And it was perfect.


Tom and Juli said...

The weather is sort of cooling down here... the mornings and evenings are cool but days are still hot, can't wait for cool days.

There is just something magical about when the big kids go to school and the little ones get to have fun with mom. I'm only starting to experience this with my oldest in preschool, but I was the youngest of 6 so I had a lot of experience with it on the other side and it is absolutely priceless!!

Elaine A. said...

Glad you girls got to have fun together! It cracks me up that you said she's the oldest at home. ha!

And I just love her hair. She's so darling. :)