Friday, September 2, 2011

Small Style :: A Style Her Own

She has always had her own sense of style.  No matter what I said, did, or encouraged, as soon as she could talk, she knew what she wanted.

Her style has blossomed and changed through the years, but has always been so very adventurous.

Mixing accessories, patterns and colors in ways I never would have thought of.

The brighter the colors, the bolder the look, the more she liked it.

I never said no.  I never told her it didn't match, or it didn't look good.  I let her do it hoping that one day, her sense of style would really come into it's own.  

I think it has.

Last two photos:
Shirt - Target
Skirt - Target
Shoes - Target
Necklace - Allora Handmade
Sass - all hers :)

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DAD said...

This is where she is so like here mother is supposed to go.