Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letters to my Babies

Dear Elliott,

Oh boy how I love you.  You are such a sweet baby 
(but really, aren't all babies sweet? Wait, no. Your brother wasn't).
I am so grateful to be your Mama.  Your smiles, your laid back personality,
your patience with your brother and sisters...
You are a wonderful baby.

But kiddo, you really need to start sleeping somewhere other than the swing.  Because as cute as you are all bundled up in that swing, it is killing me a bit that you will only sleep there.
I love you baby boy...

Dear Libby,

Oh my darling girl.  You are growing up so fast and are SO hilarious these days.  Just today you helped me make cookies, and it was so much fun.
You love to swim and will "dive" (belly flop) into the water over and over and over.  
You love to sing and dance and do so quite frequently.
You are more in love with your binkie everyday, and I find this quite interesting since you never took one as a baby.  Also, what is up with you playing with your bellybutton when you're tired?

You are so cute that it almost makes up for the fact that you come into my bed every single night and then wail and scream and cry when Daddy takes you back to your bed.
Will you stop doing that please?
Also, please, please, please, please stop pooping in your underwear. You were doing SO good wearing undies, and now not so much.
Also, thanks for being such a great big sister to Elliott.  You pretty much rock his little world.

I love you baby girl...

My darling dearest Amelia Bedilia,

I love your freckles.  
You hate when I tell you that and then tell me that you don't have any freckles, but you do and they are darling.  It is the one thing you got from me, so I really like that.
You are such a great singer and I love that you have enough confidence to think you 
could go on America's Got Talent and win!  Never lose that ambition sweetie.
You are starting Kindergarten in about a month and I can't imagine what my life is going to be like when you are gone all day long.  Libby and I will be so lonely for you.
But you are so excited. 
So I pretend to be excited too.

I love that you are so creative and talented and have a flair for the dramatics.
This will serve you well in life.
Trust me.
I know.
BUT, right now, you make me a little crazy with your crying over every single little thing.
Makes me not look forward to your teenage years at all.

Regardless, you are my sweet princess and I love you.


I am going to call you that for the rest of your life, you know that don't you?
You are such an amazing big brother to your siblings.
I know it is hard being the biggest kid, but you do it so well and really like responsibility.
You are such a huge helper, with laundry, cleaning, playing with the kids, and dinner clean up.
I love how you love your Lego's, putting posters up in your room, and swimming.

You are so competitive and someday that is really going to come in handy.
But right now, when you are in swim lessons and you beat another kid in a race,
it is not so nice to say "I WON I WON I WON!!!!"
No one likes that kid.
You are starting 2nd grade so soon.
Kid, I remember 2nd grade.  I met my 1st real best friend in 2nd grade.  We're still friends.
I can't believe you are that old.
I bet some boy crazy girl is going to fall head over heels for you.
When she does, please be nice and not growl at her.
I love you to the moon and back,


Cheri said...

I love your babies also and totally agree with you-they are the greatest!!

Nicole said...

You do have some pretty amazing babies. :)

mommabird2345 said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! This is such a sweet post. :)

nicole said...

Sweet but real, just like life.

My 3 yo comes to our room every night too. I used to let her get in bed with me but I was sleeping horribly. So now she sleeps on the floor when the sun is down and she can get in bed when the sun is up. So she climbs into bed around 6:00 most mornings I guess, but at least I've had my own space most of the night. I was surprised the got the sun thing (we just said dark at first) and that she responded to it, but she knows now. She comes in, asks to get in bed, I tel her it is still dark and she lays down on the floor, where I keep a pillow and blanket.

I hope you get better rest soon!