Friday, July 8, 2011


My brain feels foggy.

We've had family visiting, lots of late nights, a round of antibiotics (for me), lots of swimming, playing and having fun.

But now, I feel foggy.  I am exhausted beyond measure.

My body hurts because I started the 30 Day Shred again.  It hurts to sneeze.  That really stinks because of my allergies, I do it a lot.

My brain can't function the way I want it to. 

My kids have swim lessons everyday, then we come home and I just let them play.

But I know school is fast approaching and Amelia still can't read more than a few words.  I haven't been working on problem solving with Seth like I should.  Can it be that I will have to be sending them off in just 1 short month? 

Two of my chicks gone from the nest all day.

And that day.  The day that rips my heart to shreds...

The kids start school on Emma's Angel Day again.

I think all of these things combined are what are putting me into a foggy funk.

I think I will let a movie babysit my kids for a while and I will take a nap with my babe.

Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do, right?


*Lissa* said...

Yes. You do. xoxo

mommabird2345 said...

I agree, do what you have to do. Take care.

Arianne said...

Of course you are exhausted! That list of busy made me tired too. :)

Nap all you want, let body recover and heart prepare.

Thinking of you. xo

nicole said...

Yes you do.

And ack--I'm not ready for school! We don't start until the 22nd, but I know it will be here before we know it.

Hey--good for you for starting the Shred. You are a rock star!

Sarah @ said...

Hugs...great big hugs.

Ann Imig said...

Yes, hugs.