Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last Week

Really, I am glad last week is done.  The week started with Emma's Angel Day on Monday.  7 years she'd been gone.  And, if that wasn't enough...

This one started 1st Grade and LOOOOVED it.  But it was so hard having one of my chicks gone from the nest all day long!

And this one...well, just look at her...

Yes, she started dance.  And lest you think she just stood there looking so cute and doing all the dance moves...this is how I found her a lot of the time.

Yes, she is laying spread eagle on the floor.  She tells me she fell down a lot.  Whatever.

Loralee brought me lunch (so nice!), and Jeremy came home from work early so we could go visit Emma.

We did a ladybug release and it was really nice.

The next day I posted my Vlog and told you not to ask if I am pregnant because I'm just fat.  Well, when I made that video I had no idea what was going on in my uterus.  That day I found out I was pregnant.

We had exactly 2 days to be happy about it though because then Jeremy came home from work letting me know he'd been laid off.

So now we are again searching for a job, facing the uncertainty of unemployment and knowing that we will have to move and leave this place we love so much.

I couldn't tell you right away, but that is what has been so difficult and heavy in our lives.  We are scared, shaken and feeling so helpless that we don't know what the future holds.

We are remembering who is in charge, and on whom we can lean.  We are hopeful that this is part of God's plan and He knows what we need better than we do.  But, when we forget that, I pray that He will catch me.

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Tauni said...

I read this and it swarms my mind with my last year. I am sorry about your husband loosing his job. My cousin had the exact same thing happen...found out and a couple days later her husband lost his job. She looked at it that if he had lost his job before they wouldn't have tried and their little one was meant to come right when she did. Hope you find that blessing too.

As for the lost job...we had that for a year at our house this last year. I had to go to work. I have always been a stay at home mom and now fear I never will be able to go back to it. We have wanted another little one for YEARS and this whole last year people kept saying "maybe you will get pregnant as a blessing" it never happened and if it had it would have been REALLY stressful! I can't imagine your stress. I am sorry you are struggling with your pregnancy. You have had a LOT and not having close family and friends near by during the birth process would be hard. If nothing else, know I am thinking of you!