Saturday, August 28, 2010

New York

I have started this post so many times.  I wanted to tell you all about New York, Blogher and my many adventures.

However, life has taken a turn and while we are all healthy, things are just not right. 

I can't stop thinking about the amazing time I had with my sweetheart and how absolutely grateful I am that we had that time together.  Time to be carefree, enjoy the city and each other.

 Getting ready for our Tutu's for Tanner 5K.  Yes, Jeremy wore a Tutu in Central Park.  He is awesome!

I loved seeing the sights, Radio City Music Hall, 30 Rock, Time's Square, Broadway, Madison Avenue (you know, because I loooove Mad Men!), the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island...the list goes on.  We rode the subway just about everywhere, so we got to see a lot of the city that way.  We went to Union Square, Chinatown, Washington Heights, Central Park, and the Temple.

 Cool building in Union Square that had smoke coming out of it and a timer on the other side.  

 best donuts ever. seriously. we ate 4. YUM!

We ate great food, saw good friends, had great adventures and just had such a relaxing time.  I am forever grateful to Mabel's Labels for picking my name out of the hat and sending me to New York for a trip that won't soon be forgotten.

Oh, and thank you to my darling for giving me the best souvenir ever...even though I won't get to see it until late April/ early May.

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