Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Will Not Say Bad Words

On Monday Seth came home and very proudly told me,

"Mom! I know what the bad word is that you and Dad don't want me to know".

"Oh really? What is it?"


"Oh buddy, that is a bad word, but not the one Daddy and I were talking about"


"That isn't a word.  How did you learn that word anyway?"

"Me and some other boys were saying all the bad words we knew at lunch today".

Cue inward groan...why am I sending him to public school again? Oh yeah, because I am about ready to POP with his baby brother.  Ok, Kim, stay calm, talk to him or he won't ever tell you anything again.

"So, what words did you tell?"

"The sh one, the one that starts with sh and ends with it, and the d word"

"Yeah, I know what the sh word is, you don't have to tell me all of it. What words did you learn?"

"Well, that one I already told you and dick."

"Ew. Do you know what that is? It is a mean word for a penis"

"Yeah, my friend told me that it meant penis at recess".

"Bub, you really shouldn't be talking like this, you know that right?"


"I am going to have to punish you for this.  It is not okay to say bad words and I don't ever want you to do it again".

"I am ALWAYS the one that gets punished.  If I am being punished then the girls need to be punished too.  It is not fair!"

Then the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth began, followed by stomping off to his room telling me I am the meanest Mom ever and that he is never coming out again.

So, I called Jeremy.  What do I do?  What kind of punishment is good for this?  I can't wash his mouth out with soap because it will just make ME puke.

Have him write sentences, Jeremy suggested.  YES!  Bart Simpson will write sentences!

He had to write "I will not say bad words" 20 times.  My favorite part is that he turned it into a song at the beginning.

This kid...he is giving me a run for my money.

**Disclaimer** I know that he did not learn bad words in school.  This has nothing to do with him going to public school.  That was just my first thought, that is all.  I know where he learned the words...from me ;)


Cheri said...

hahaha! I have walked in your shoes, FOR SURE!!! and I hate to be the one to tell you this but it won't be the last time you encounter this same conversation-maybe not with Mr Seth but for sure at least one more time...take a breath, giggle under your breath and know you handled it great!

Michelle said...

This isn't a result of public school. It's something that many children do no matter where they attend school (the two boys down the street from us that have attended religious school their entire lives are the biggest "potty mouths" I've ever known). It is, however, hilarious that he added the little song to keep from getting so bored while doing his sentences.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Yes I remember those days. They are not the fun days for me. That is the real problem with the public schools because not enough people outside for recess. I even tried be the nice person sometimes and that don't work either. You did the right thing making him write that maybe that will stick in his mind not to say those words anymore. I am praying for you.

Mommy Mo said...

OK, I find this hilarious. I am fairly certain Sam will be my child spouting off bad words on the playground, lol.

I bet there are kids in private school who swear too : ).

Stephanie said...

I have to agree with Michelle. Not a result of public school. Remember where Ralphie heard the mother of all dirty words?

Kids will be kids and if they hear of something they aren't supposed to say...lots of them say it asap:)

I love his song - didn't last long then it looks like he got down to business!

Kim said...

Oh I know the bad words are not from public school, that was just my first thought. I know where he learned them...from yours truly ;)

Starving Student Survivor said...

I never write lol, but I seriously laughed out loud when I read, "hi ho the dareo." Hilarious!