Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Brothers and Sisters

Dear Miles and Asher,

My Mom told me you're having a baby sister.  I thought, since I have 2 little sisters, I would give you some advice.

When your baby sister is born, she will be very tiny.  You have to watch out for her, so you don't step on her.  She will poop and cry and sleep a lot.  Her first poops will be gross and sticky and you will NOT want to look at them.  They might make you throw up.

As she gets older, she will become funny when she is 2.  She might drag you around the house to where she wants you.  And, my littlest sister always wants to play legos.  And one of my Lego guys she says is HER lego guy.  I don't like that because she also says my Woody and Buzz are also hers.

Until she gets funny, you'll just have to look at how cute she is.

Once she's 4...well, *gulp*, she will be still funny, but still not that funny.  Sometimes 4 year old sisters yell at you like umpteenth times.  My 4 year old sister, Amelia, loves Noah's Ark.  She also loves to watch Veggie Tales with me.  Lord of the Beans and Larry Boy are our favorites.

Some really awesome things about having sisters is that they are crazy.  Amelia is so crazy that she makes her Lego Ninja guy, Kai, love soap.  And, he made a big mess of soap in the lego house once.

Little sisters are really awesome too because they will play legos and star wars with you (only if they like them).

BEWARE!!!  Sisters really like pink and sparkles and Princesses and Ponies.  But, you can play with your transformers and their ponies and barbies at the same time.

Sisters are hilarious.

I know you'll love having a baby sister, even though playing the girlie stuff isn't very fun.

Good luck and if there is too much girlie stuff going on in your house, tell your Mom to help you write me a letter.  I know how to handle girls.

Your Friend,

And...Amelia's response

Since my big brother wrote about little sisters, I thought I would tell you how to be a good big brother.

Brothers can't yell at their sisters, it makes them cry.

Sometimes your sisters will love Noah's Ark, like me.

Big brothers should be funny and he should tell funny jokes.

Big brothers should always protect their little sisters from mean people.

Big brothers teach you math and how to read.

And they let you have sleep overs in their room.

Sisters like hearts and sparkles and rainbows, get used to it.

Big brothers should always be nice to their little sisters.

Your Friend,


heather of the eo said...

Oh thank you, my friend. Your kids are just the sweetest. Because of their sweetest mom and dad :)


It's Time to Live said...

And, a good smile was had by all! Great post. Do you mind if I copy and use it in a lesson sometime? Giving credit where credit is due of course.

Mommy Mo said...

While I love Seth's letter, Amelia's response is pure gold- LOVE!!!