Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Sponsor :: Fluffy Cheeks Diapers

I have been using cloth diapers for 8 years now.  I can't believe it's been that long.

I started out using prefolds with pins and covers.  Then I graduated to prefolds with snappi's and covers.  I discovered my love of wool early on and have used it since day one.

It wasn't until I was pregnant with Seth, that I was introduced to the "fancy" diapers that are out there.  FuzziBunz were my first foray into the fancy diapering world.  Then I tried Kisssaluvs fitted diapers and Goodmama's fitted diapers.

I love cloth diapers.  I really do.  There are few things I am REALLY passionate about, and cloth diapers are one of them.

That is why I am so excited to introduce you to the newest sponsor on this here bloggity blog.  Tiffany from Fluffly Cheeks Diapers

Tiffany and I have been Mamas for the same amount of time, but our journey to cloth diapering has been a bit different.
I had my first daughter 8 years ago.  At the time, we lived in a high rise apartment building with a laundry room, so cloth diapers never even crossed my mind.  Plus, the only thing I had ever heard of regarding cloth diapers with pins and plastic pants like my mom used in the 70's, and I was not at ALL interested. 

Around the same time I had my 2nd child, my son, there were 2 girls at church using FuzziBunz.  I saw them and was immediately interested.  I went home and told my husband that I thought we should use cloth.  He was less than supportive, thought it would be too much work, didn't like the upfront cost, etc. 

Besides, disposables had worked fine so why would we switch?  I gave up on the idea, but it always nagged at the back of my mind.  My son had much more sensitive skin than my daughter, and it seemed that he ALWAYS had a diaper rash.  I spent a lot of money on creams, and his little bum was always red, sometimes to the point of rawness and bleeding.  For some reason, though, although I had the desire to use cloth, I had never heard of the
health benefits of cloth.  I had always heard how much money I would save, how it's better for the environment, etc., but I had never heard how much better it was for the baby's bum.  Well, about a year ago, I had my 2nd daughter, and by this point, I was firm in my resolve to cloth diaper her.  I had done my research and knew of the health benefits.  
I thought about how careful I am about what I put in the mouths of my babies, and wondered why I had never done enough research about what I was putting on their skin.   I immediately switched over to cloth. 

Tiffany has recently opened up her online shop and hopes someday to have a Brick and Mortar.  Fluffy Cheeks carries all kinds of diapers - prefolds, fitteds, all in ones, and pocket diapers.

They really make an effort to be mindful of what Mamas want when cloth diapering, and are going to be adding to their store as they grow.

They even offer pros and cons of each of the diapering options.  This is something that I think is vital for folks who are new to cloth diapering.  I so wish I had something like this when I started using cloth.

I am so excited to have Fluffy Cheeks advertising on my site.  I try really hard to only accept advertising that will be useful to my readers, and I know you all will love her store.

As a hello to all of you from Fluffy Cheeks, they are offering 10% anything on their site until February 28!  Just enter the coupon code PRAIRIEMAMAFAN. 


Heidi said...

I love the name, "Fluffy Cheeks"!!! It makes me smile!

Kim said...

Oh I know it Heidi -- I think of your fluffy cheeked baby when I read it :)