Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Homeschool, First Two Days

Two days.

Is that all it's been? 


Are you sure it's only Tuesday?

No, surely it is Friday because I am really ready for the week to be done.

Going into homeschooling I thought it was going to be sunshine and roses.  Ok, not really, but  I didn't think it would be this physically taxing.

Maybe it's the growing a human in my uterus part that is taxing also, but MAN ALIVE I am pooped!

I am trying to keep things really structured because I know that is what Seth needs.  Also, that way we are not doing "school" all day.

I am trying to keep Seth on track with his learning because, unlike many other homeschoolers, I was not unhappy with public school.  The only reason I am homeschooling right now is because we will (hopefully) be moving to a new house this summer, and I didn't want for Seth to have to bounce from school to school.   I don't know if he'll go to 2nd grade in a public school, or if we'll do it at home.

I just don't know that I have it in me to be an all the time homeschooler.  I am good at a lot of things, but I also need to know my limits.  While I can teach my children, and do it well, is it what is best for all of us?  I don't know.

I keep telling people we will take homeschooling 1 semester at a time.  Right now my goal is to get through everything before the baby is born.  Right now, I want for Seth to improve his math skills, reading, writing and comprehension.  So that is what I am focusing on with him.

Two days. 

People keep telling me it will get easier.

We will get in our groove.

I sure hope so, because I am exhausted.

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