Thursday, March 24, 2011

Little Lies

I lost my camera.

I swear my pregnant brain gets worse with each baby.

The first time I lost it I offered a $5 reward to whoever found it.

Jeremy found it.  In the trash can next to the computer desk.

Seth was not happy that Jeremy found it.

I told him I would give him some opportunities to do extra work around the house (i.e. helping me get this place cleaned up for giving birth), and he could earn $5.  He was happy with that.

This was on Saturday.

On Monday, I couldn't find my camera, again.

For 2 days I searched and searched and searched my house for my camera.  It was nowhere to be found.

In an act of sheer desperation, I told Seth that I would offer another $5 reward to whoever could find my camera.  I told him the last place I remember seeing it was in the sewing room.

Five minutes later, he brought me my camera.

I was thrilled!  Where did you find it????

In the little bird door, he said.

Really?  I would never have thought to look there.  Here is why...

I was suspicious.  Can you see why?

I decided to let it go though, and gave him the option to get a new Lego set that I had bought (worth $5) or the $5.  He chose the Legos.

When Jeremy came home, I told him about Seth's mad detective skills.  Daddy isn't nearly as lenient as Mama, so he started questioning Seth a bit.

Seth finally looked at me and said, "Mom, I'm sorry.  I lied.  I put the camera there because I knew you would offer $5 again to find it".


Moral of the story?  Never offer money to a child who wants to buy Legos more than anything.  Also, make him do the work you were going to pay him for, but this time he has to do it for free.

Also? Keep your camera in the bag so you don't lose it again.


Sarah said...

Ohhh, my. What a smart little bugger. Love him! xo

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aww! This make me want to cry a little but that is SO SOMETHING MY BOYS WOULD DO! Also, love the bump shot! :)


Elaine A. said...

Well, he's definitely enterprising, isn't he? Glad you "found" your camera... ;)

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

How old is Seth? Like 7 or so? I could have told the EXACT same story a year ago. With my son Kolbe. Except he said he found the camera in the piano bench. All other aspects of the story are the same. Kolbe was 7. Lost the camera, Dad found it. Lost is again. Kolbe found it. Wanted Lego Hero Factory with his $5. Uncanny.
Good job on the lesson teaching! Trying to remember what we did, but undoubtedly it was the same you what you did - lol. Little boys are so funny. Ever since that day Kolbe has plagued me with "What can I do to earn money?" It's hard to find enough jobs he can do to make that $5. At least, do them to the point that I don't have to redo everything he tried to do!

Kirsten said...

Wow! Smart, sneaky boy. I'm kind of impressed with him. In a please-don't-do-it-again kind of way.

Stephanie said...


Tender Heart Bear said...

The kids are very smart. My daughter thinks even though she has to keep her stuff picked up that I should pay her for that. I told her no that is your things and I don't have to pay you to pick that up.

I would have never thought to look in some place like that either.

Cheri said...

That is so Seth...and Chip...and Todd...and Rob...and any other boy who has a goal of Legos! Loved it!!!

Polka said...


Steph said...

That is pure genius. Is it bad I laughed the whole time reading this? Such a kid thing to do.

Mary said...

Smart kiddo! I also lose my camera frequently. Places I've found it: purse, car, son's backpack, in the wrong camera case, in it's own camera case...tricked myself and actually took care of it, and sitting right in front of me. Love it!