Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tender Mercies

"I need to freeze my gym membership.  My husband lost his job and I just can't afford it right now"

"Ok, it will cost $20 to freeze and then when you unfreeze it you will be at whatever the current rate is".

"oh. ok. i guess i'll just cancel it then. i don't have $20 right now. and if i can't keep my same rate, then it's not worth it to freeze".

"Ok, let me go get the Manager"

"You want to cancel? Why, you've been doing so good!"

"I know, my husband lost his job and I can't afford an extra $20 right now and if I am going to lose my great rate then I may as well just cancel my membership"

"Sometimes we make exeptions.  Let me talk to the gym Owner and call you later, ok?"

"Ok. Thanks".



"Hi Kim, it's ______ from the Gym"

"Oh, hi."

"I spoke with the owner and we decided to go ahead and freeze your  membership, but we want you to still come in.  It is really important you don't stop exercising, so come in and you won't be charged anything."

"Seriously??  Oh my gosh, thank you so much."

"No problem.  See you soon."

It's not a job for Jeremy, it is not even money in our pockets, but it is big - to me.  It is the ability to continue working on myself.  It is Tender Mercies of the Lord.  He knows our struggles and helps provide a way when we really need it.  And I am oh so grateful.

Piper shared this video and it really touched me.  The little girl reminds me so much of my Amelia and the words to the song...just beautiful.  Oh how I love Mindy Gledhill.  As soon as I have extra cash, I am buying this CD.  I bet you will want to also.

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