Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dear Sweet Libby,

When you wake up this morning, you will have been 2 for just a few short hours.  Two years ago you came barreling into this world and have made my life so happy.

How is it that someone who loves to snuggle, give kisses and hugs, and cuddle your babies and dolls, be SO full of sass and attitude?  You know what you want and when you want it.  You know how to throw a tantrum, but also know how pull Mama's heartstrings.

You love the sling and ask to be worn anytime we go to the store.  You still love your "Milties" and nurse every morning and if you're lucky once during the day.

You insist there is a baby in your tummy and that you are a big girl.  Don't you know you're still my baby?

Your hair is so long, I love to play with it and you love to let me.  You have the cutest little smile you do every time you see a camera and you are just certain that on your birthday you will be "free"!  When you're sad, you will come to me with big crocodile tears and say, "I so SAD" and when you get hurt you look at me and say, "I hurt real bad Mama".  Melts my heart every time.

You are my sweet baby girl and I love you so much.

Happy Birthday baby.


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