Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Little Bit More

I am slowly getting caught up with the blog world. I took a bit of an unintentional vacation. But, I think I'm back in full force now!

So, a few more things we've been up to...
  • Sewing. I have 5 slings to do and I would like to have 3 of them done by Monday. I have made my girls some fun clothes. A skirt for Amelia (my own design! I KNOW! Tutorial coming soon, it's super cute) a dress for Libby, pants for Libby, and I've cut out 2 more dresses and another pair of pants.

  • Baking. I love to bake, so I have been making banana bread, cookies and whole wheat bread. It's all going straight to my butt. Oh well.
  • Dentist. Amelia had 3 cavities, so I had to take her to the dentist last week. She had to have versed, it was hard. She got really loopy and was quite funny, until they started to work on her. She was flailing so much and was so upset, it killed me. I held her down so he could do what he calls "Rodeo Dentistry". I really love my kids' dentist. Before we even started he said that this will help to calm her down, but if she freaks out not to worry, she won't remember any of it. And she doesn't.
  • Dentist for me. I went last week and got a cleaning and yesterday for 4 fillings and a little minor surgery. I have 4 stitches in my mouth and it hurts. Oh yeah, my chin and lower lip are partially numb still. Hopefully it will be better by Sunday because I'm having a good Mother's Day dinner.
  • Drawing. I recently bought myself a copy of Creative Family by Amanda Soule. She suggests buying good quality art supplies for your children. If they see that you buy them good paper and paints, they will be more likely to really appreciate drawing. So, I bought some watercolor paper and watercolor pencils. Seth and I are working on a Knight and Princess that we will then cut out and mount on Mat Board. Eventually I will make this for Amelia. I need to practice drawing bodies more though.
  • Foot Baths. In the most recent Mothering Magazine, there was a fabulous article about giving your kids foot baths. We did this the other day and they loved it. Libby was asleep (for 45 whole minutes thankyouverymuch), so we did this. I made some chammomile tea and let them soak in very diluted tea with epsom salts. Seth picked some dandiloions also. We will do this again for sure.
  • Playing the Sleep Game. You know that game right? The one where you get the baby to sleep and pray that everyone is quiet so she will stay asleep? Then, you go into her room right before she is to wake up and try to get her back to sleep but to no avail? No? What about the one where you get the baby to sleep for the night and are ready to sit down with your husband to watch tv or talk, or heaven forbid just be together and then the baby wakes up and will only nurse back to sleep? No?? Only me huh? Well, that's the game we play at my house. It is not so much fun.
  • Playing. We've been playing a lot around here. Not as much as Seth would like, but that is always the case.

We're having some good friends over for dinner tonight, going to the Market tomorrow, and trying to relax on Sunday for Mother's Day. Have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you next week in full force!


Mama bee said...

Ooh, cute kid clothes! Yes, please post a tutorial when you get the chance! I'd love to learn how to sew more kid clothes.

Bummer on the dentist visits. Hope your numbness goes away soon.

Maybe we'll see you at the market tomorrow! I'm so excited that it's market season again.

Ooh, did you know it's also "What's New at the Zoo" tomorrow? 11-3. We'll be there with a Utah Native Plant Society table, where kids can get some coloring sheets of native plants, plus make a cute card for Mothers Day using pressed native plants. :-) Stop by if you get the chance.

TopHat said...

I love that fabric!

And I do hope you get the feeling back in your chin soon!

Happy Mother's Day!

Erin said...

I had an amazing massage that began with a foot bath once, and after reading the articvle in Mothering, I couldn't believe that I'd never thought of doing one for a child! So that night, Luke had a foot bath and at first he giggled, but then he calmed down and seemed to enjoy it. I will definitely be doing it more often. Love Mothering!

*Lissa* said...

I LOVE the clothes you have made! So, so cute! Have a good weekend!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

ooooooh, i LoVE that alexander henry juicy print!! did your jo anns sell it too? squeee! :)i have a couple yards of it and don't know what i'll do with them yet...

bummer about the dentist. hope you feel better soon! happy mother's day!


Mommy Mo said...

Seriously- those little girl clothes are to die for- LOVE THEM. And the foot baths- another fantastic idea. As for the non-sleeping baby, do you want me to come over and put the Sleeping Baby Mojo on her cute little self? It will work wonders. Promise.

kate said...

could you be any cuter?!?
along with all the clothes you made for your kids and the slings for others...don't forget about the adorable dress you made for Maggie! I love it!!!
As for the sleep game...I remember that all too well! My favorite one is the one where you have an 11 month old who nurses every 20 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG. You should try that one's fun ;)oh oh oh...or the one where you finally get the baby to sleep only to have her wake up the second she touches the crib mattress so then you lean over the crib railing to stick your boob in and with your fingers crossed hope she falls back asleep. When she does you may get too excited and accidentally move too quickly and have your sweater zipper hit the side of the railing and wake her up again..that one is fun too!
See you at the market tomorrow!

Terresa said...

Love the lemon print skirt & baby pants. So cute, is there a mama version?
PS: I've been on a baking jag, too. We made chocolate chip oatmeal cookie dough yesterday & ate dough w/out bothering to even fire up the oven. Today it was straight-up chocolate chip cookies. Yeah, straight to the hips, baby, but lovin' every delicious bite! ;)

Heather of the EO said...

YOU, my friend...are a serious super mom!

Marly said...

ok, I really need to learn to sew better. I love those clothes!

blessedmomto7 said...

Those skirts are the bomb. My hubs says since I'm a farm wife I should learn to sew. I may take a stab at it this summer...hmmm-if I could make cute stuff like that-TOTALLY!