Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is time for another thrilling edition of Not Me Monday! This is a blog carnival hosted by the MckMama

This week was not my birthday, so I did not celebrate in great fashion.

I did not eat a tremendous amount of cake and make myself sick. I have also not told several people to make this cake in hopes that they will invite me over to eat it with them.

I was not showered with love and affection from my family and friends, both online and in person, this week either.

I am not helping Amelia potty learn this week. And I definitely did not take a video of her peeing on the potty. I totally was not tempted to post it on this blog either. That would just be mean.

Speaking of Amelia and potty learning, she did not take off her poopy diaper yesterday and proceed to try to clean herself off while Mom and Dad were sleeping. This did not make a huge mess. I did not continue to sleep and let Jeremy clean it up. No way man.

This being Valentine's weekend, we did not get a babysitter and go to the best restaurant in town. I did not get crab stuffed ravioli. This ravioli did not melt in my mouth. I was not about to eat the pesto that came with bread with a spoon. That would be gross.

We also did not go get hot chocolate at Border's for dessert. No, that would have been way too indulgent.

My darling did not take the children in the morning and let me get some sewing done. He did not come home with 3 long stem red roses for me either.

Last, but not least, I did not become a finalist for the Mabel's Labels "Get me to Blogher" contest this week. So, you definitely should not go vote for me! (Kim @ Prairie Mama).

How about you, what didn't you do this week??


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

That cake looks fantastic. I want to smoosh my face in it like a one year old on their birthday.
The whole diaper thing? Ewww, I am praying that is not coming soon at my place.

Lolli said...

Can I have some of that cake??
I can totally relate to the clean-your-own-diaper mess. Been there!!

BlogBaby said...

Wait, I just read your first comment from Domestically Disabled there something wrong with smooshing your face in a birthday cake?? Does the answer change if you ARE a one year old??(notice my profile pic)

Congrats on being a finalist! I'll head over to vote for you now!


Mommy Mo said...

That cake does NOT look delicious, at all.

Poopy diapers are NOT gross either, especially when whipped off by the one who pooped in it.

That restaurant you went to for dinner does NOT make me salivate for pasta.

I have NOT voted for you at Mabel's Labels.

Mama bee said...

I love her face in that video - the "I'm peeing and that means I get chocolate chips!" look is awesome.

Heather of the EO said...

You're too funny. I'm so glad you DID NOT get such a great date with your hubby. :)

CC said...

I voted for you!!

The cake looks fab!

and video of going pee... hahahahaha!!!