Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gratitude Sunday

I was sick last week for Gratitude Sunday last week and I really missed it. With a house of sick kids, a potty training 2 year old and very little sleep, it is hard to find things to be grateful for. However, I do have much.

1. Amelia is POTTY TRAINING!!!! She is totally leading it and I am SO excited to see the end of the diaper tunnel with her.
2. Great friends that helped me celebrate my birthday -- and ate lots of cake so I wouldn't have tons of leftovers!
3. A certain 13 year old girl that babysat Seth and Amelia last night so I could go on a date with my sweetheart.
4. Laundry to fold. No I am not grateful that I have 4 overflowing baskets of laundry to fold. I am grateful though that we have the means to purchase clothing and that I have this chore.
5. That I have had yet another year with my wonderful family. I love them more than anything. Even when they wake me up at 6 am after I had a late night with their Daddy. I love them and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

So, what about you? What are you grateful for today?

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

So much to be grateful for today! Small thing- that I had soup to make. Big thing- that we were able to celebrate Noah's birthday with family today.

P.S. I've voted for you on every computer and phone possible. : )


Mama bee said...

I'm grateful for my outdoorsy lover. We went skiing today and it was SO NICE to get outside.

kate said...

Finnegan and Maggie are sick too. Maggie has a bit of a cough..not too bad and Finnegan woke up at 12am with 103 fever. It has been hovering around 100 all day today, but he is otherwise acting happy and normal. I am thankful that Mike was home today to help out. and I am very thankful for my friend, Eden, who surprised us and made us dinner tonight! Hope your kids feel better soon! we will have to talk about pilates this week and keep our fingers crossed that we have healthy little ones so we can actually do it!

Lisa R.D. said...

I'm grateful for so much today--especially with so many around us that are wanting. Mostly though, I'm grateful for my faith and my family. Great post!