Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Oh how I am longing for warmth. I long for the feel of sunshine on my face and arms and back. I long for the days when the Earth is warm beneath my feet and my children can play outside all day. I long for warm nights sitting on my front porch. I long for the smell of chlorine and sunshine on my family after a long day at the pool. I long for fresh fruits and vegetables and Saturdays at the Gardener's Market. I long for listening to the crickets outside my window. I long for long days at the park, and coming in at dark. I long for long walks, bike rides, and sunshine. I long for Summer.

Since it is the dead of Winter though, I will try to enjoy this time I have. The short days. Watching my children play in the snow. The smell of winter on their skin. The feel of the cool air as it blows on my face. The long purple afternoon shadows. The fabulous taste of warm soups on a cold day. My son going snowboarding with his Dad for the first time. The light staying a bit longer everyday. All of these things I will enjoy because I know it will be Summer soon and my children will be that much older.

I will enjoy today as it is, so that I might learn to enjoy my children as they are today.


Lolli said...

So true! I do need to enjoy the season we're in a little more than I do. Good words!

Jess B said...

It is so hard to appreciate the days when they are so cold and so short. I also miss the long, warm days....and the easier pace of summer. Soon! Very soon we'll be back to them! :)

Anonymous said...

I am ready for spring too! It is just so cold right now, but it is a treat to see the Ice Skaters at Center Street Park every time I drive home. Even after work there are some people there.