Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me, No Way!

Welcome to Not Me Monday! This is where I talk about all the things I SO did not do because a good, responsible parent would NEVER do these things (heehee!)

This week I did NOT let my children stay in their pajamas all day for a couple days in a row. No way, not me.

I also did NOT let Seth wear his Star Wars shirt 3 days in a row just so he wouldn't complain and cry at me. Nope.

I did NOT let my darling daughter eat graham crackers for breakfast and lunch. Nope, not me.

I also did NOT laugh when said daughter drew this picture on Sunday in Church

When asked what that was, she said it's a diaper on Bob. Of course, that looks JUST like a diaper!

This week I also did NOT let my children watch movies just so they would leave me alone and let me sew. No way man, not me.

I also did NOT dream nightly of ice cream, brownies, cake and cookies. Nope, I don't miss the sweets at all. Not one bit.

Last night I did NOT tell Jeremy that I was going to fold laundry while watching Brothers and Sisters, but instead just sat there like a bum eating hummus and pita chips. No way, that would be mean.

Today I will NOT try to pawn off my children on unsuspecting neighbors so I can get some work done. Nope, not me.

How about you? What did you NOT do???

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TopHat said...

Well, I'll tell you what I haven't done today. I haven't left my baby buck naked all morning so far because I'm too lazy to get a diaper out and get her dressed. Nope.

Lolli said...

You already know what I haven't been doing.

And I did NOT laugh out loud at Amelia's picture, either. Nope. :)

Heather of the EO said...

I did not just send my kids in to the living room for the third time, telling them to watch Veggie Tales because there are like 75 posts in my reader. NO, I did not.