Monday, January 19, 2009

I Have A Dream

And so did he. Today we honor Martin Luther King Jr. His goals were mighty, his dreams were amazing and tomorrow we get to see one of them fulfilled.

One of my dreams is that my children will know the things that happened to spark Dr. King's great works, but to never understand why people treated others that way. I want for them to grow up color-blind and loving all men, regardless of what they look like. I want them to be Christ-like and to love others unconditionally.

Because I want so much more for them, I am so grateful for him.

P.S. Happy Birthday Aunt Sissa!! We love you!

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AbeSaves said...

I share that hope with you. He has inspired such greatness. I wanted to share with you some of his words that have touched me recently. He said in his infamous Mountain Top speech, "Without total darkness, we cannot see the stars." What a true statement! Thanks for showing your appreciation for this great man.