Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gratitude Sunday

This was a trying but good week. I have much to be grateful for.

1. My husband who is helping me eat better. He totally rocks.

2. My kids for being so forgiving of my many faults.

3. I won a contest to go to Mom 2.0 Summit Conference. I'm SO stoked. Now I'm just looking for some sponsors to help get me there. If you know of anyone -- send them my way.

4. The sun was shining for a lot of the week. Now there is just the yucky inversion, but I'm not thinking about that. Just about what I am grateful for :)

5. My friend Shannon called this week. It was great to hear her voice, it's been way too long.

6. One more that is very special. Nie Nie is BACK! It is grand to read her words once again and to watch her story continue. AND there is a book to help raise money for she and her sweet Christian. Go now and buy a copy :)

So, what are you grateful for today??


Mommy Mo said...

I just checked out the Summit and I so wished I could go. where can I win a registration? The price is so steep for us mom bloggers! I am only a few hours from Houston and I am originally from Houston. My parents and entire extended family live there. I can't afford the conference, but maybe I should make a trip there when you are there : ). Good luck on the sponsorship!

messyfunmommylife said...

I am greatful I found your blog! You are way too cute!