Friday, December 5, 2008

What I Love

My kids are being super funny this morning and playing so nicely I get to blog! Here are a few photos of what I love around my house -- this is a pretty picture heavy post -- but ya'll love that don't you??

Fat baby cheeks. My favorite.

The boy that makes EVERYTHING into lightsabers

This mischievous little one right after she wakes up.

Seriously, how could I NOT eat those cheeks??

Seth loves Libby so much. I love this photo of them holding hands.

Amelia being Mary -- you can see her holding baby Jesus by the foot

What my table always looks like. I totally stole the idea from Nie to label the picture. She's genius!

My favorite centerpiece

My window
More ornaments in a vase
I love my Christmas decorations so far this year. I am putting them up slowly but surely. We'll get our tree after Emma's birthday.

So...what are you loving today?


Mama bee said...

I'm loving how cute J and Doodle are together. Today's my day to work (and yet, here I am on your blog...hmm...) so they're at home playing. They had fun plans of making playdoh, maybe baking, and if Doodle's lucky J will pull out our partial parachute and make a super fort out of most of the living room. I come home to half-made sandwiches on the counters and toys left random places, but that just shows how much fun they were having.

mj1st said...

Hi Kim! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe how my the baby looks like Emma!

I love your decorations, especially the ornaments hanging from your curtain rods - what a great idea!

TopHat said...

Wonderfully chubby breastmilk cheeks! I love them, too!

1momof5 said...

I love kissing baby cheeks (including my not-so-little 3 year old baby). I love capturing their personalities in photos. And I LOVE your ornaments hanging from the curtain rods. What a great idea!

Sarah Long said...

Love all the sweet little cheeks and decorations! Thinking about you! Kisses...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful kiddos. I just LOVE that picture of "Mary" holding her baby by the foot. *L* Oops? haha And the cheeks on your little one are totally pinchable. Beautiful decorations as well!