Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why I do it.

I love you all.  I am so grateful for this little space of mine.  So grateful for each of you and your thoughts, prayers, positive energy, your love...you do lift me up.

I am so blessed to have this spot, this place to talk, cry, vent, rage, celebrate, cheer, laugh, smile...just be me.  Knowing that I have this, you, helps more than I have words to express.

Not everyone understands blogging.  They don't understand why we do it.  Sure, there are some who do it for money and goods they receive.  That is great for them.  That is not why I started and never will be why I do it.  I like to write.  I like to connect.  I like people.  I like meeting new people, getting to know them and sharing bits of myself.

I may not be an eloquent writer like so many others out there.  I may not be a really big time blogger with a huge following.  I may not be the funniest writer.  I might not touch many lives.  But all of that is so inconsequential to me.  Each of you, coming here, sharing a bit of your precious time with me..that's what it's about.

I will keep writing, I will keep sharing my life, my pain, my joy.  Hopefully by so doing I will help one person, and that person just might be me.

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