Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blog Bid Hope The Auction

Today I am participating in Blog Bid Hope, an auction to help the Mayhew Family and the Liz Logelin Foundation.  Here is more information.  Read this post, go to the different sites that are hosting the auctions and bid. xoxo

Through blogging, we have learned that we can make authentic connections with people around the world.

We read about one another's greatest accomplishments, we celebrate the highest highs and we grieve the lowest lows.

This holiday season I have decided I want to help. I want to use this platform as a way to bring good to some not so good situations.

And because we read and love and learn and cry and laugh with each other, we must be here to support and help one another as well. Recently one of our own,
Anissa Mayhew, a witty mother of three, collapsed after suffering a massive stroke. Her family and friends are devastated.


One minute her husband was talking to her about which hotel they could stay in over Thanksgiving and the next moment she was unresponsive in a hospital bed. Everyone is praying for Anissa to pull through and little by little it seems they are starting to see bits of progress, but her family has a long way to go. She has just been moved out of intensive care and has a very long road ahead of her...they need help.

Matt Logelin is no stranger to the devastating turns our lives can take. He started blogging like many of us did, as a way to update friends and family across the globe on the progress of his his case, a pregnant wife, Liz.


He proudly posted the excitement of the birth of his baby girl Madeline one day and the tragic loss of his beautiful wife due to a pulmonary embolism just 27 hours later.

The Liz Logelin Foundation was established by Matt to assist families suffering similar losses. The goal is to "financially assist these families as they deal with the loss of their loved ones, and struggle to move forward."


Matt also challenges his readers...and "skip the latte" and donate 7 dollars on the 7th of every month. It can be such a small number for us, but if EVERYONE donated $7 on the 7th, we could help SO many.

The week of December 7, I will be working with a group of bloggers (
Buried with Children, Mayhem & Moxie, 7 Clown Circus, Scary Mommy, The Extraordinary Ordinary, & Mama’s Losin’ It) to promote a three day auction called, Blog, Bid, Hope to raise money on behalf of The Liz Logelin Foundation and Anissa Mayhew.


Thanks to Laurie from Tip Junkie we were able to connect with wonderful mom-preneurs who have generously agreed to donate their goods, including blog designs, toys, art, accessories, baby gear, and SO much more.

You'll be sure to please anyone on your holiday list with any number of the packages that will be available! Not to mention ALL of the proceeds will be going to help people during extremely difficult times in their lives.

The auction will officially begin on Wednesday, December 9th. All items will listed on any one of the Blog, Bid, Hope hosting sites and will begin at $10. We're asking for bids to increase at $2 increments. If you see an item you'd like to bid on, just leave a comment on that item's post stating your price.

In addition to our own auction we want to encourage everyone to swing by Anissa Mayhew's
Aiming Low site on December 10th. Her friends and fellow Aiming Low writers have organized a Shop 4 Anissa day, where they will link to specific vendors who have agreed to donate a portion of all proceeds to the Hope 4 Anissa fund specifically for that day.

See that? You can help too. We all can. Together. Like a giant kumbaya family. Bloggers helping bloggers.

Let's show everyone how powerful we can be when we choose to work together toward a common goal.

[This same post is cross-posted on the participating bloggers' blogs and is not all my own words, but definitely is what my heart feels, too. My love to all of you today :) ]

If you'd like to donate directly to Anissa and her family, you can send via PayPal to:, and to give to the Liz Logelin Foundation, you can go here.

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