Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Evolution of a Babywearing Prairie Mama

I have been babywearing now for almost 9 years. My journey actually starts 11 years ago when my Sister had her 6th baby. She is the research queen and found this thing called a Maya Wrap.  She told me all about how Women in other countries wear their babies to get their work done.  I thought it was brilliant.

When Emma was born, my dear Sister gifted me her Maya Wrap.  After a bit of work, I was able to get her in it comfortably and we were off.  I wore Emma around the house, to the park, on walks, to the store, walking through New Orleans and everywhere in between.  It was about this time that I heard about the Ergo baby carrier and bought one for Emma.  It came 2 weeks before she died and I wore her in it once, to the mailbox and back.

Shortly after I learned I was pregnant with Seth, my Sister found out she was pregnant with baby number 7.  Knowing I had a hard time parting with anything I used with Emma, she let me keep the Maya Wrap and bought herself a new one.

Over the next few years I would buy another Maya Wrap, learn how to tie 6 yards of fabric around my body as a wrap, sell my old Ergo and upgrade to a new one, use a pouch sling and learn how to make my own slings.

I wear my babies everywhere we go for the first year of their lives, at least until they can walk.  Then I use it as comfort when they are needing Mama, to keep them close when they are trying to run away, and as a spot where they can always run to.

And, can you believe I only have ONE of me wearing Elliott?  AND, it was taken by my sister-in-law AND I was being a stinker.  Oh well, we have lots of times to capture the babywearing memories that are yet to come.
What is your evolution of babywearing? How do you wear your baby?

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