Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween; Prairie Mama Style

Once upon a time there was a boy and girl.  They met and fell in love.  They got hitched and 6 months later found themselves expecting a wee babe. The girl was always very fond of Halloween, so when it came that year and she was ohso pregnant and really loved wearing her MuMu any chance she got, she decided they should go as Ma and Pa.

Pa was so skinny that Ma had to stuff her overalls with pillows to keep them on Pa. It worked, they had fun. The next year they had grand plans for Dr. Evil and Mini-Me with Daddy and the wee babe.

But that wasn't meant to be, so they decorated and celebrated Halloween like this

The next year brought a miracle, and they went as Kanga, Roo and their Tree House.

As the years have passed, so have the costumes. There was the year of the horse

Then the year of Pooh Corner

Then the years and the dress ups start to get muddled together because their children  LOVED to dress up and would wear costumes any time they could.

 Every year brings something different.  This Mama never knows what the children will want to be until they have finally walked out the door on Halloween Night.  Right now there is a pile of fabric waiting to be made into costumes for this year.  If they end up not wearing them on Halloween, that is okay, because she knows they will wear them another time.  Because, much like the girl who is now their Mama, these children love to play make believe and know that everyday is a great day for playing dress up. Do you love Halloween? What are you and your children being this year? This post is sponsored by Hallmark’s Life is a Special Occasion Campaign.  I am one of the luckiest girls I know getting to write about the Special Occasions that happen daily in my life the rest of this year. The month of October I get to write about Halloween and celebrate the fun of imagination! Be sure to sign up for their newsletters. Who knows, I might even pop up in one of the newsletters!  Also, at the bottom of the page, you can see all the Hallmark Bloggers and read what everyone has to say.  It is truly inspiring reading! While I am compensated to write this post, as always the words are all mine and can not be bought. Linking up with Miss Elaine-ous Monday!

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