Monday, October 10, 2011

Sewing Inspiration

I really love sewing, being creative, and designing new items of clothing for my kids.  A couple weeks ago the elementary school had College week.  The kids were told to wear the t-shirt from their favorite college.  We have a KU shirt for Seth, but not Amelia.  Not sure how that one happened!

So, I got one of Jeremy's eleventybillion old KU shirts, and made my sweet girl a dress.  And as handsome as my husband is, I TOTALLY think it looks cuter on Amelia than it ever did on him. I used elastic in the neck, bias tape as an edging on the bottom and my favorite fold over elastic on the sleeves.  So fun and she LOVES it!

So cute if I do say so myself :)  If you know of someone who would love something like this, please send them my way.  I have just listed them in my shop.

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