Thursday, June 9, 2011

And He Is 7

At 4:59 this morning he turned 7.

My sweet snuggle buggy is 7.

The boy whose birth started the healing of my heart...

He will start 2nd grade this year.  I remember 2nd grade.  I met my oldest friend in 2nd grade.

He is so independent, but still loves to crawl on my lap and snuggle.

He could spend the whole day playing Lego's with his sisters and be happy.

He holds his brother whenever I ask and has made this transition from 3 to 4 so much easier.

He is so sensitive and caring. He will do anything for anyone...unless you ask him to do it while he is playing Legos!

He is my Bubs.

And he is 7.

Happy Birthday Bubs.  I love you to the Moon and back.


tawnya said...

You both give me hope for Sammy getting older! Happy birthday!

Melissa and Carlie said...

Happy Birthday Seth! That brought a tear to my eye, I remember that little (or not so little) baby boy :) Wish we could be there to celebrate with you guys. Love that boy!

Elaine A. said...

We are at 7 too (ours are only a couple of months apart!) and yes, it's crazy! I remember being that age too... so well!

Happy Birthday to him!!

erika said...

awww, happy birthday! 7 is a fun year, for sure! my goodness kim, what a fun and handsome little man you have on your hands! lucky mama ♥

nicole said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome boy. (we call our baby boy Bubs)

Nicole said...

Aw! Happy Birthday Seth!!

That 2nd pic in the blue and yellow? That is how I remember Seth looking like when I met you!! Ok, we need a skype date soon. Aurora asked the other day, and I told her we'd do it. She'll be mad at me for making her miss Seth's birthday!

megan and darin said...

hi. i miss you.
wow. seth is seven? crazy.
wish we could do lunch. reading your blog and checking your facebook page isn't the same as having you here.
just thought i'd let you know.

hapi said...

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