Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Queen of my Heart

This weekend Amelia reached an important milestone in her life.  She had her first dance recital.

As I pulled her hair into a bun, applied makeup, and put her costume on her, I was taken back to my MANY dance recitals. 

The smell of the hairspray, the taste of the lipstick, the costumes, the sequins, watching the older girls, being afraid I would forget something...

But most of all, just having fun.

And that is what she did.  She had so much fun and I loved watching her.

The theme for the recital was Alice in Wonderland.  Amelia's little class were the Queen of Hearts.  She did such a great job with her "grumpy" face at the beginning.  Everyone just laughed and laughed.

The lighting was SO bad that I couldn't get a good picture of her dancing (no flash photography please).  So, this was her grumpy face that Jeremy caught after.  She is hilarious.

For my girls, the highlight of the weekend was having my Mom (Meemaw), Jeremy's Mom (Grandma) and Jeremy's sister (Aunt Sissa) and girls (Carlie and Josie) here.  This picture is the 3 girls after the recital.  Carlie was mesmerized through the entire recital and Libby was doing her own recital.

It was so much fun and we can't wait to do it again next year.  Hopefully next year we will have 2 little girls doing a recital.  That will be fun!


Rebecca said...

how fun! my girls call my mom "memaw" as well. and i have a little girl named liberty, too :)

Megan@TrueDaughter said...

Good for you! I loathe the whole recital process, but LOVE the recital itself! Two girls in dance for years, it was chaos! But your little Amelia looks sweet in her costume, and what in the world is more fun than watching tutu wearing littles bob and dance across a stage? Nothing. I hope you got video! Enjoy!

dancersRsmart said...

OOOhhh Aunt Sissa! Libby kept telling me Aunt Sissa painted her nails but I could'nt understand her, I thought she was trying to say "My Sister" ;) So much fun seeing those cute recital pics! Thanks for sharing!