Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This Liberty...she really stands up to her name.

She is a free spirit.  She is spirited, headstrong, determined and wanting to do it HER way.

Anytime I do something she likes (like throw a lego head up the stairs to her) she says, "AWESOME! You DID it! Rock Chalk Jayhawk Mama!". 

She is full of energy, life, and love.

She likes to do things herself, and in her own time.

This includes bedtime.

Last night she did not want to go to sleep.

About 9 pm, I went out of my room and saw her sitting on the floor outside her door.  I decided to let her be and just see what happened.

Thirty minutes later I went to check on her.

I love this girl.  Everything about her.  She is so sweet and so funny and so loveable.  I mean, just look at that hand on her cheek.  Who wouldn't want to eat her up?


Cheri said...

hahaha! and just where did she get that independence, do you think? both of her parents are so loveyouall----

Courtney said...

oh my goodness, so funny!!

love that she says rock chalk jayhawk mom!! looks like you have to send her up to KU,it helps that it is the best school ever!

Michelle said...

She is so cute, Kim. Love the pictures.

Tender Heart Bear said...

That is really cute. I am a mother of three kids but they are older. So I know what you are going through. I Love the Pictures.

kmfm said...

Can I copy this post and put it on my blog...just change the name to Maggie instead of Liberty? You chose such lovely words to describe her..all I can come up with is "spunky". She is adorable! Do you remember my picture of Maggie asleep just inside her bedroom door? I believe she was about the same age as Libby! and HOW did Libby get to be so big already?!? I would have sworn that was Amelia! It has not been that long (but it feels like it has Kim) xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little punkin pie. I miss having a little tiny girl. All my littles are boys. My last 4 in a row were boys. The first three were girls with one boy and then another girl in the middle- now they are all big. I miss the sweetness of a little bitty girl, the stinkeryness, the hairbows, the pink. Ah well, I could always throw a hairbow on my 10 year old and see how far I get!
Your little Liberty is a beauty, so sweet. Enjoy the daylights out of her - before she gets close to 9 or so and gets mouthy on ya - lol!

Elaine A. said...

HA! My G has been this way lately too. Going to sleep on his own time... Love the pics! :)