Sunday, January 23, 2011


Shortly before we moved, I knew that I was going to need a good knitting project for the car.

Three days in the car with 3 small people, a husband and a cat was sure to drive me batty and I needed something to keep me sane.

Car Knitting & The Big Belly
Knitting in the car
So, I went to Blazing Needles (an amazing yarn shop in Salt Lake City) and picked up 2 skeins of Cascade Ecological Yarn.  I love this stuff.  It is soft, durable and BEAUTIFUL.

I knew that we were moving somewhere that never saw the cold temperatures I was used to, so I needed to find a pattern that would work for "Winter" in Texas.

After searching and searching and searching on Ravelry, I decided on Shalom.  I love this pattern.  I am going to make myself another one for next year.  It is that great of a pattern.

I wear is sweater everywhere I go.  I wear it with long sleeve shirts and it is just perfect.

I have enough yarn left over that I think I will either make some longies for the baby for next winter, or a sweater for one of the kids.  I haven't decided yet.  I am still not sure I ever want to knit sweaters for my children again...not after last time.

So, here are the specifics:

Yarn: Cascade Eco+
Colorway: 2453
Needles: Knit Picks US 10
Pattern: Shalom

You can find me on Ravelry too, I am PrairieMama (go figure!)
If you make one for you, please let me know, it is such a fun, quick and easy knit.  Great for beginners!!

Oh and by the way....that's my 25 week belly.  First belly picture.  I am huge, I know. :)

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bjahlstrom said...

You look SO GOOD. That sweater is ever so flattering, and with the cute long-sleeved striped tee, it's even better! Actually, you don't look huge. You look great pregnant. I hope if I ever have a baby, I can look as good as that, because really, you look great.