Monday, December 6, 2010


Two weeks ago one of our kitties died.  It was in the middle of a blizzard and Jeremy found her in the garage on the floor.  She wasn't cold, she wasn't hungry, she just died.

We got our kitties, Gracie and Sandy, Memorial day weekend 2008.  They are brother and sister.  While they didn't always get along, really they fought a lot, they were friends and loved each other.

In the days that have followed Gracie's death, I have found Sandy wandering aimlessly.  He goes out to the garage and lays in her spot by the door.  I see him sniffing around for her, feeling a bit lonely and lost without her.

Today I realized that I am feeling a bit like Sandy.  My partner in crime is gone and I just kind of wander around a bit and feel lost.  Even though Jeremy is only gone for 4 weeks, I am so used to him and I just miss him.

Only 16 days...

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