Friday, November 5, 2010

The Miracle of Sleep

It is no secret that sleep eludes us in the Borchert household.  It is something I have fought each of my children at some point about.

Emma and Amelia were my best sleepers.  Amelia still is.  But Seth and Libby?  Oh good gravy, those two make me want to tear my hair out when I think about the fights to get them to sleep and to stay asleep.

When I was pregnant with Libby, I won a Miracle Blanket in a raffle from a local doula.  We had swaddled all of our kids and I didn't see what was going to be so great about a swaddler blanket, but I was willing to give it a shot.

Libby was born and I forgot I had the blanket.  I started swaddling her in our regular blankets when my brain (aka, Jeremy) remembered the blanket.  

That girl loved it.  We swaddled her for naps and bedtime until she was 8 months old (she didn't fit into it anymore, so I had to stop).

It was so easy to get her into the blanket and I knew that she would be okay in it.  I have since gotten another and have lent them both out multiple times to new Moms.

This is one thing that I recommend to every woman who is pregnant, they are seriously that great.

Because I love Miracle Blanket so much, they have told me I can give one to one of YOU!!!  YAY!

All you have to do is follow Miracle Blanket on Twitter -  and go like them on Facebook - 

I will randomly select a winner on Monday night, November 8 at 9pm MST.  On Tuesday at 2pm CST, Miracle Blanket will announce the winners via Twitter and Facebook (hence the reason you need to be following them!).  You will have 24 hours to contact Miracle Blanket with your information to get the blanket.

This really is a great contest and would be a fabulous addition to any Nursery!!!

Good luck!!

*I was not compensated anything by Miracle Blanket to promote this contest.  I am just doing it because I really love my Miracle Blankets and can't wait to be using them again this Spring!!!

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