Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tap...Tap...Is this thing on?

We stumbled through the doors at midnight, exhausted and so happy to be home.  I put my things down, went downstairs and kissed my big boy, who looks so big while he sleeps.  I smelled him and walked away happy.  I crept into the girls room and gave Amelia a kiss.  Libby wasn't there, of course.  I gave her snuggles and smelled her sweaty sweet smell and felt like I was really home.

My Mom, the superstar, was asleep in my bed snuggling with Liberty.  I woke her and she gave me a hug and went to join Seth.  Then I snuggled up to my baby girl, something I had been anticipating and looking forward to for days.

I thought she'd know it was me, snuggle up and we'd have a great night sleep.

Instead, she tossed and turned, wanted to be in my bed and then her bed.  Somewhere in the restlessness and the stillness of the night, she realized why she was so uncomfortable.  Around 2 am, she threw up hot dogs all over the two of us.

It's good to be home.

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