Monday, July 26, 2010

My Story

My story doesn't start in any one place, it just feels as if it has always has been and is just continuing.  My story is one of love, death, grief, loss, hope, joy, faith, rebuilding, is uniquely mine and one I try to understand every day.

For 4 years I have been blogging my story.  It has grown and evolved just like me.  Started as a knitting blog, it morphed into a Mommy Blog and now into the story of my life.

Every August and December I would tell another facet of my story. The part about Emma.  The part about death, fear, grief, loss and healing.

Then something happened.  I wrote about Emma when I was feeling the grief.  It wasn't her birthday or her Angel Day.  It was just a day in October and I was missing her intensely.  And it struck a chord with so many who had lost someone. I heard from many grieving people and realized that 5 years after Emma's death, she was still helping so many people.

I have had 3 more children who constantly keep me on my toes.  I struggle to do right by them, to teach them to be caring and empathetic people.  I try to teach them about God and how much He loves them.  I wonder if I am doing the best I can do for them.  I wonder that and then I hear them say their prayers, and I know I must be doing something right.  As much as Emma is a part of my story, so are Seth, Amelia and Liberty.

In the midst of the chaos of my life, there is my addiction to sugar and my struggle with depression.

I knit, I sew, I write.  These are my crafts, my hobbies, the things that keep my hands and mind active when I feel so overwhelmed  These are the things that keep me sane and help me to be a better Mom.

The last bit of my story that I talk about here is my faith.  I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons. I serve my brothers and sisters in my area, I love my Savior and I try to be the best Woman I can be.  I try to be like my Father in Heaven and to teach my children about Him and His love for them.

I love this space, my respite where I can write, reflect and share ideas with you. This spot has brought me such joy and blessings.  While I do not know the future of this blog, I do know that I will continue to write, share and explore with each of you as long as you'll let me.

These are all different parts of me.  Each of these by themselves, while interesting enough, can't hold much interest for long.  But when you put them all together you get me.  Unique and wonderful me and this is my story.

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