Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Someone Take Away the Scissors

I've gotten a little cutting happy this weekend.  It started with Libby on Sunday.  I was sick of her hair always being in her face.
When I did put it up in a Whale Spout, as I did most days, it just naturally wanted to go forward, so it looked like a horn or something like that.  So...I did it.  I made my baby look like a Toddler with one cut of the scissors.
That was on Sunday.  As you all know, I got Amelia's hair cut about a month ago.  I was tired of the constant fight of doing her hair, so I took her to get it cut short.

But guess what? We were still fighting.  She wouldn't keep her clips in her hair and now it is too short to put in a pony tail.  Note to self: Do NOT cut your daughter's hair short again, do not do this.  Listen to your husband.  Instead, give her bangs.

Totally cute and her hair is out of her face now.  She also might look a little like Ramona Quimby when you do this.  Awesome!

P.S.  Just because I know how much you all LOVE Amelia's fashion you go.  You're welcome.
And yes, I absolutely let her out in public like this.  What other time in your life can you dress like this and have it be okay?

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