Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who They Are

She is so helpful, always wanting to be involved (like helping me unload the dishwasher).  She is so tender, always giving loves (even when I want to be alone).  She is so sensitive, her feelings get hurt so easily (especially when the doorbell rings).

She is so independent, always wanting to do it herself (getting dressed, putting on her shoes...).  She is so creative, always drawing, making up songs and dances, reading to herself (and cracking me up in the process).  She is so caring, always worried about her brother and sister (especially when her brother is getting in trouble and she yells at me to "BE NICE").

He is so exact, wanting to be sure things are done just so (like his homework, reading, and his shoes being tied).  He is so head-strong, has very strong opinions and isn't afraid to let you know what they are (much to my chagrin multiple times a day).  He is so sweet, often running up to give hugs (even if it does involve jumping on my back and knocking me over).

They are mine and I am theirs forever.

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