Friday, February 19, 2010

Help Wanted

Help Wanted: I need a responsible individual who is willing to babysit my kids.

Job requirements: you must be ready to get down on the floor and PLAY with my children.  You must be happy to feed them, clean them up and put the dishes in the sink (or dishwasher for extra points) and put the food away.  You must be excited about playing with them and reading them loads of books.  You must have a good attitude, kind of like Mary Poppins, because they are my world and if they think for a minute that you are not wanting to be there it will break their hearts and in turn break my heart too and then I will never ask you to babysit again.  Cell phones are not required for this position and should be left at home. I didn't talk on the phone when I babysat as a youth, you don't need to text.

Pay is negotiable.

Interested?  Inquire within.

Yeah people, the man and I need a night out.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Totally taking out an ad, would you want this job?

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