Monday, November 16, 2009

The JOYS of Parenting.

 This picture has NOTHING to do with this post except it is really funny and kind of how I felt at one point in the night...

I knew it would happen.  It has happened to almost every parent out there...and if it hasn't happened yet, it will.  You and your beloved are taking advantage of the children being asleep and decide to, ahem, you know, express your love for each other when you hear this;

"Mama? Why are you and Daddy nakey?"

Yes.  This happened to me us.

We co-sleep, so we navigate very carefully where and when we will be intimate.  I won't go into details of where said event takes place because some of you come to my house and I don't want you to be uncomfortable thinking "oh my gosh, this is where Kim and Jeremy do the DEED, ick!".  So, I'll just say isn't in my bed usually.

Typically if a child wakes up, it is the baby.  She doesn't know what is going on because her eyes are shut tight with the crying and screaming and such.  So really it hasn't been a concern.

So, with all 3 children asleep, we decided to engage the launch sequence.  We get started and we hear it, Libby waking up.  Jeremy goes upstairs to check on her and I tweet this:

If that is as bad as it got, well, I wouldn't be blogging this because that happens all the time.

No it gets better.  Jeremy got Libby back to sleep and we were able to engage one more time.  This time we thought we were in the clear.  And then I saw it.  This short person in a nightgown with a mischievous smile on her face.  Our conversation then went like this:

Amelia: Mama? Why are you and Daddy nakey?
**at this point Jeremy jumps up throws the blanket over himself leaving me completely exposed..thanks babe**
I get up and pick her up and say;
"We're not baby, you're having a dream"
A: No I'm not, why are you nakey?
Me: Oh baby, you are asleep in your bed and you are having such a silly dream right now.

We go back and forth like this a few times and I get her settled into bed, shut the door and go back to my man.  He asks, is she really asleep?  Well, uh, no.  Because you see the problem is this...she wasn't feeling good that day and fell asleep at 5 pm.  So, after 5 1/2  hours of sleep, she was ready to wake up and play and TOTALLY had her wits about her and knew that she wasn't asleep.  Yeah, it was great.  So, I got dressed and went in there acting like it was the first time I'd been in there, you know gotta trick the sleepy 3 year old into thinking she was dreaming so I don't have to have the uncomfortable talk about "nakey hugs" that Mamas and Daddys sometimes do.

She eventually went back to sleep and our night ended very nicely with no more interruptions...until Libby threw up in our bed.

ah the life of a parent.

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