Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finally, Some Answers.

I have hinted to some health issues I've been having.  We all know about my never-ending quest for sugar in all forms.  That was just one of my symptoms.  I have some bowel issues that I won't get into (you're welcome) and gas that makes my friends sure that I am rotting from the inside.  I am in constant abdominal pain, have headaches all the time, and am exhausted constantly.  Granted I have 3 children, very active children, but they don't cause my headaches and are only partially responsible for my exhaustion.

My darling Jeremy is always trying to fix things.  He is an engineer after all, that is what he does.  So, he has been searching for a way to help me over the last several years.  When he mentioned to me that I might be gluten intolerant, I couldn't imagine giving up my beloved bread.  Seriously, my favorite place to go eat is Great Harvest!  I love bread, I love baking and was terrified at the possibility of having to give it up.  So, I refused to think that was the problem and continued on in pain.

Then my dear friend, Shannon, emailed me telling me that she was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  As she described her symptoms and the fact that after she was off gluten she no longer craved sugar (WHAT?!?!) I realized that maybe there was something to this.

So, I went off gluten for a week and a half.  I felt amazing.  Seriously, I had energy, was sleeping better (minus that whole baby waking up multiple times a night to feast on the all night Mommy diner), my headaches were gone and I did not NEED sweets...really, I didn't even want them.  Unheard of for me, or anyone in my family for that matter.

I called my doctor's office and let them know what was going on.  I was instructed to go back on gluten for 2 weeks and then they could test me for Celiac disease. 

So, back on gluten I went and again I felt run-down, bloated, gassy, in pain, headaches...yep, it was all back.

Monday was the magical day where I went to the doctor and he said, "I think we're on the right track here".  I was given the all clear to go off gluten again and feel like I am finally on the road to getting some answers.

I never go to the doctor for myself.  I have been living in pain for YEARS.  If this is all it takes to fix this I will be thrilled and will be kicking myself that I didn't do it sooner.

So, here I go on my gluten-free journey.  I am reading The Gluten Free Girl right now and love it.  Shauna James-Ahern is amazing, if you don't believe me, go check out her website.  She is going to help me make a gluten-free Thanksgiving thankyouverymuch.

Are any of you gluten-free?  Do you know anyone who is?  I would love to have more recipe ideas and will take any tips and advice you have to offer.  Who else is on this journey toward healing with me?

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