Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Capture :: Motion

IMG_4766, originally uploaded by naturalmom26.

I am a little late with this week's You Capture. When I saw that the theme was Motion, I knew exactly which picture I would use. This was taken when we were at Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha. I love this picture so much, my boy on his flying dragon horse. He is motion, plain and simple.


Mendie said...

what a good pic! I love how the dragon scales are clear but the background just a bit blurry!

Alice said...

what an awesome dragon! i'm reading a dragon series now so i really like it! your son is precious and he is having so much fun! i love all the bright colors :O)

Deb said...

okay, this photo is awesome. i wonder if i bought a fancy camera, would my photos turn out great? or is it the photographer?

love the colors.

april said...

That looks like the best carousel ever. PS. I love carousels!