Monday, May 11, 2009

No Pictures?!?!

Yes, that's right. No pictures. Our desktop has crashed for the umpteenth time and I don't know when it will be functional again. It really is sad. I love our Mac laptop, but all the pictures and my documents that I need are on the PC (piece of crap). And, since the pc isn't working, I can't get on the network to find them. Ergh.'re going to be stuck with no pictures for a while, sorry.

If anyone knows anyone at Apple who wants to give a Mom Blogger a new computer, let them know about me! heehee!

In other news....

Liberty is crawling everywhere, in fact she just left my side and is probably going to find her brother and sister...yep, she was eating a shoe -- I love that girl.

I had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday, I hope you did too. It is always bittersweet, only 3 of the 4 people who made me a Mother are here. But I'll tell you a secret. Heavenly Father let's me have Emma when I need her. I find that on Mother's Day, her Angel day and her Birthday, she is with me. I can feel her so close that sometimes I swear I'll turn around and there she'll be. All of the children (ages 3-12) sang for the Moms in church yesterday. I stood there listening and watching my monkey boy sing and could just imagine her standing behind him telling him to stop throwing himself over the side of the banister. I cried and laughed. I wore my Emma necklace...have I told you about that? No? Oh my gosh. My Mom and Jeremy schemed last year and got me the coolest present. It is a teardrop pendant with a little opening on the back. My Mom had Jeremy send her some of Emma's hair and she put it in the pendant. So, you can't see the hair, but I know it is there. I got it on her 5th Angel Day in August and my Mom wrote the sweetest note with it. She said that the tear drop represents the millions of tears I have shed. I love it and wear it on all special occasions, that way I can have all 4 of my babies with me at once. Thanks again Mama.

Wow, that took an unexpected turn. I guess that is something I love about blogging. It really is like having a conversation, and anyone who knows me knows I go off on tangents quite frequently ;)

I've been working on this post all day today and I'm not really satisfied with it. But, it's the best I can do today. And I am working on being ok with that -- in all aspects of my life.

Have a fabulous Monday friends.


Lolli said...

Your necklace sounds wonderful! I'm glad you have a way to keep Emma close like that, and I do believe along with you that she really is close on special days like Mother's Day. Love you!

Terresa said...

The Emma necklace -- great idea. One of my dearest friends lost her son (he was a newborn, just a few days old). That was about three years ago. An event that changed our entire circle of friends and taught us so many lessons. Thank you for sharing your mother's day with us.

erika~ the inspired mama said...

happy mother's day (a couple days late)! i am glad you had a nice day :)