Friday, May 29, 2009

No I Know, I'm No SuperMom

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kate said...

I love you are the best!

kate said...

p.s. I AM a super Mom...I NEVER roll my eyes and huff at my children, I NEVER put my head against the wall and cry because I can't take it anymore, I NEVER bribe with candy (never...especially NOT daily),I NEVER bake the kids cookies just so I can eat the cookie dough, and I certainly NEVER update my facebook status when the kids are awake ;)...oh my list could go on, but since I AM a super Mom I better get off the computer, bath my son (and myself for that matter (and no it is not 8 pm)), and put him to bed. Oh wait...I should probably pay attention to my husband too. Super Mom signing off ;) see you at the market tomorrow!