Sunday, May 31, 2009

Catching Up

Now that our computer is back up and working, I can actually share some of the things we've been doing with you all!!!

When I was 16, my Dad got transferred to Utah from Kansas. I did NOT want to move here. It was hard. I felt so different from every one else. Even though I was of the majority religion, I was not of the majority mindset -- I wasn't used to going to a huge high school, much less one that was 98% LDS. (not that there is anything wrong with that, I just like a bit of diversity) I was different from everyone else. I didn't like it. I swore that I would leave Utah as soon as I could and would NEVER live here as an adult.

I went to Utah State University and loved it. Then when I was 23, I moved to Kansas. I met Jeremy, we got married, had Emma, she died, we moved to Utah. It was for graduate school. I knew I wouldn't end up here. Jeremy finished graduate school and we waited 8 long months for him to find a job. Then he got 2 offers in the same week -- Warsaw, Indiana and Logan, Utah. We prayed about it. We felt very strongly we were to move to Logan. Neither of us could believe we were going to settle in Utah. But here we are.

My Mom has always said, "bloom where you're planted" and I am trying. I've been trying to find things I like about Utah and embracing them.

Two weeks ago, we went up into Logan Canyon for the day. This is why I love where I live. It is close enough that we can drive up into the mountains any time we want.

Ah, I really do love going up into the mountains and enjoying all that God has given us.

More reasons I love Utah -- my family is here. No, not my folks, or Jer's folks for that matter. Three of my 4 siblings live here. My kids get to grow up around their cousins and I get to see my brothers and sister at least once a month. We went to Kaysville yesterday and visited Emma, then went to my brothers house. Seth and Amelia had so much fun playing with their cousins and I had fun visiting with my brother and sister-in-law. We've always had a special relationship with this family, we all lived in Kansas together and then they moved to Utah. We love you guys, thanks again for having us over to play!

We also went to Salt Lake yesterday to meet up with Michelle to get our pictures done. As we started heading down to Wheeler Farm for said pictures, we saw some nice dark rain clouds. About the time Jeremy asked if we had a plan B, Michelle texted me and said that she had umbrellas for the rain. She read our minds. We had such a good time and I think that the pictures are going to turn out really cute. It was so great to finally meet her, as I am a blog stalker, and be able to talk about our angels. Thank you!!!!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I am teaching in Young Women's today and then we'll probably walk over to Jeremy's Grandmas house smelling the lilacs along the way. Oh yeah, I have lilac envy. I want LOTS of lilacs at my house. Maybe next year. Until then, don't mind me as I walk by and smell every one that I see.


AbeSaves said...

Enjoy those lilacs while they last! They are gone down here in SL. :( They are my fav's too...I could just eat them up. Plant those bushes soon cause they take at least a couple of years to really give you blooms. Logan Canyon is one of our favorite canyon's. It's gorgeous!

sara said...

I feel the exact same way about Utah. I LOVE California - pretty much anywhere on the west coast. I would love to leave but be so sad about it at the same time. Utah really is beautiful. I know there is beauty everywhere but after being in Texas I know I can't live without mountains :) (and I'm so glad you're here - I'd love to get together soon!!!)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

OH my, if you had moved to Warsaw you'd be about 90 minutes from me... : )

Beautiful post, though. Beautiful.


Karen said...

Is Seth carrying a baby in his backpack too? Adorable...I love it!

Kim said...

Karen -- good eyes! Yes, he had on his "Pirate Ergo" that day. He loves wearing his babies, just like Mama and Dad.

Krainich Family said...

Ahhh, kim, it was great to meet you too! And your pictures DID turn out SOOO cute. I'll get them posted on my Photog Blog Today!