Sunday, March 29, 2009


Spring?!?! What is that? Something that was supposed to start last week? Because Grandfather Winter isn't getting the message.

It is snowing here today. It is supposed to continue snowing for...who knows how long. I really don't mean this to become a weather is making me CRAZY!

And...because the weather was nice for a week then got freaky cold...all of my kids are sick. Amelia has had a fever for the last 2 days and is sleeping a ton. She and Libby both have barky coughs and all 3 have gross noses. Ugh.

In lighter news...I am using this time to get some sewing done. I have a couple new dress designs and will be stocking my shop soon.

Thank you all for your kind words about my sweet niece. Her Mama, Stephanie, sent along her thanks also for Miss Meredith. If you want to learn more about Merry's heart, you can go here and read her blog.

We are planning our garden these days and are just waiting for the snow to melt. I can't wait to plant tomatoes, melons, squashes, lettuce, spinach, peppers, beans...any other suggestions?

Oh, and on Saturday I received the first part of my Welcome Spring package from the Spring Swap put together by Inspired Mama. I have been told that I have more coming, so when everything gets here, I will do a full post about it, complete with pictures.

But for now, I am off to nurse my sweet baby girl and pray that the healing properties in my breast milk will give her some good comfort and hurry and make her better.


Hollie Wood said...

I'm with sick of this blasted weather! My babe is sick too from all the ups and downs. Hope your kiddies get better quick! :)

Lolli said...

Darn that nasty non-Spring weather! I hope your kids get better very soon!! PS--I'm going to be in your neck of the woods in August (maybe even sooner). I want to get together!!

Monica English said...

Don't forget peas - they are my favorite thing right out of the garden.

Mama bee said...

So sorry to hear that your littles are sick. Ugh. Hope they feel better soon.

And I second the suggestion of peas for the garden. Doodle LOVES eating peas right off the vine.

Lisa @ Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Spring can definitely arrive and stay arrived. We played soccer on saturday (by we I mean my kids) in the bone-chilling cold, on wet squooshy soil, too. Not fun. Sunday was gorgeous, but Saturday was downright evil. Bleh.