Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maybe I'll Just Homeschool.

If the school district really wants kids in Kindergarten so badly, and wants them to register early, you would think they would be a little easier to work with.

I took Seth to register for Kindergarten this year. This is hard for me because, with all my heart, I want to homeschool, but I know it is not the right choice for us at this time. Sucks.

So, I trek to the Board of Education building with all 3 hooligans in tow. Looks like everyone else in Logan decided to do this today also. It is hot, crowded, I lose Amelia 2.5 thousand times and then she has to pee. So, we race to the potty, she pees, we go back and get in line (nice guy saved my place). We get to our first stop and find out that because I am only exempting Seth from a couple of vaccinations, I need the records of everything he's had to this point. Ok. I'm working on that. He's had 3 doctors in his 4.5 years of life and we don't have a vaccination card that tells us the dates that he's had everything. So, I need that and I need to come back today, tomorrow, Friday, Monday or Tuesday. Sure.

So, I come home call the Doctor's office to see if I can get Seth in for his shots. They won't do the shots until he has his Kindergarten well child exam. The soonest they can get me in? Tuesday afternoon...after Kindergarten registration has closed.

Why doesn't anyone tell you MONTHS before not DAYS before what you will need to register your child for school? Why do the ladies at the registration have to be SO rude when you tell them that you are working on getting all of his records together? Why won't the doc's office in Salt Lake call me back so I can get his records when I am down there tomorrow?

Why does he have to go to school? Can't I just have him my little guy for a bit longer?


hadassahrose said...

Don't know why you feel you can't home school at the moment, but I would definitely recommend it if there is any chance that you could. Or, is kindergarten even required? - couldn't you just keep your little boy home for one more year?

Kim said...

I would LOVE to, but I really don't fee that it is the right decision for him right now. I have struggled with this, pondered it and prayed about this decision. I really think that school is the best choice for him right now.
It is just hard because I don't do the vaccinations on the schedule that everyone else does, so I have to do a lot more footwork.

Lolli said...

Sorry that was so tough! Kindergarten registration has always been easy for me (sometimes the school district makes all the difference!) and they have always given me a very detailed list of what to bring. It's also a very intimate process at the school that they'll be going to....the school that every one of my kids has attended. The one that feels like home.

Pre-K registration was another story. It was in a crowded room with with lots of chairs and tables. Wait in one line, get a number. Sit in a chair, wait for number to be called. Go to the desk, watch lady go through papers. Go back to chair, wait til number is called again, etc. And then the questions! Ugh! I felt like they were trying to catch me in a lie or something. Unfortunately, that experience is what is keeping AJ home with me next year instead of going to Pre-K with a teacher I adore. Really, she's the best teacher.

But then again, I think I want to keep my baby with my just a little bit longer. The following year, when he starts Kindergarten, I will have a high schooler....early morning seminary and all! Wowzers!

Mama bee said...

Ugh, what a pain. If you need someone to hang out with the littlest 2, or even just Amelia, for a bit while you do school-registration-related running around, let me know. I'm around.

TopHat said...

Have you been in Utah his whole life? Utah keeps an electronic database of all shots (unless you've explicitly asked to be taken off). The schools and doctors all have access to that- and it's for this exact reason so it's easy to check up on shots at school registration.

I've taken my DD off that list because I don't feel comfortable with random doctors/schools having easy access to some of her medical records, though.

I'm sorry it's so stressful. They've got to take late registration- what about families who move in the summer?

Karin said...

So, this is what I did for Rapunzel: I have also been selective and I have absolutely no idea what I did when, so I just exempted her from everything until I could get her records together. TYhe only thing it changes in real life is that they have to olet you know when a breakout of *anything* happens and yoyu have to keep him home until the danger is past. I figured it was worth the headache. Hope you can get it figured out soon. :-)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Kim, I can't remember what state you live in but you shouldn't have to do all of this. You can do an exemption to get you by- that is all they legally need. You can check for state info.


Marly said...

How dumb! I actually just exempted Jayden from all the shots then I took in his card later when I had everything and showed them which shots he has had :)
They are kind of annoying, I'm sorry.

sara said...

I agree with just exempting him from everything until you can find the records. It's what I did with Anicka but then we ended up homeschooling.