Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am SO tired

Seriously, so extremely tired. Why you ask? My darling baby doesn't like to sleep. She fights and fights and when she finally succumbs she is only asleep for 30-45 minutes. I have figured out that she is waking up and not being able to get herself back to sleep.

You might remember that I wrote about The No-Cry Sleep Solution a while back. Well, I have been given a copy of The No-Cry Nap Solution and we are working on it right now. I am not going to fight this girl with sleep for the next 2 years. No way no how.

Today I am tracking when she naps and for how long. I know that she needs longer naps and more of them.

What is so ironic is that she used to sleep like a charm. Seriously, people would ask me if she was ever awake. Yeah, when she's not in the sling ;)

So, pray for me and my sanity. Mama needs her to sleep. Oh, and I could also use her brother and sister not coming into the room when she's almost asleep and screaming so loud to wake her. That would be helpful.

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Bridget said...

I know how you feel I am going through this right now because my baby is teething. I haven't slept through the night in days. And when I do fall asleep its at bad times like when my daughter is all by herself and the baby is sleeping for a nap I almost didn't hear him cry the other day my body was so tired it almost slept through him crying. Not normal for me.

Lolli said...

I can SO sympathize! I'm praying for your sanity, and a good night's sleep very soon!!

CC said...

Hugs!!!!! Being tired sticks big time!

Heather of the EO said...

Oh I'm so sorry. It's so hard. I had two non napping infants who were up every two hours for the first year or so each. Blech.

Do you read Sorta Crunchy? There's a button on my blog. There's a really cool conversation going on over there about this sleep stuff. Megan and a friend are working on a book about it and getting input from readers of the blog. Very good stuff. Just sayin' (Every Monday the posts are about attachment parenting and sleep and such) :)

Marly said...

I bought that book with my first and haven't finished reading it. I really need to read it before I have my next one because then I can hopefully start this one off to a good start!

Your baby is so at that age where they become a new person. I don't know why they feel they need to do this but my 3rd was also a wonderful sleeper, then one day she decided she didn't like sleeping. thankfully now at 16 months, she sleeps until 5:00am. I will take what I can get!

Mommy Mo said...

Is she sleeping at night? Or is she cat-napping all day and all night? Poor you and I can TOTALLY empathasize since our babies are the same age. We seem to go through cycles where he'll sleep really well, and then he'll sleep crappy for a few days. He finally found his thumb and that has helped quite a bit. Hang in there, it'll get better. Pick your routine and stick with it- she'll get it eventually.

Amanda said...

Oh goodness gracious do I KNOW what you are going through. Bubbalu took 30 - 45 minute naps 2-3 times a day his ENTIRE FIRST YEAR OF LIFE. Then, a one hour afternoon nap until 16ish months. Finally he sleeps 2-3 hours in the afternoon, but only if I really tire him out during the day.

I tried everything to help him get past 45 min sleep cycles. Rocking him, slinging him, nursing him, singing to him, motion, non-motion, graduated response and yes, crying it out. Finally I just gave up. Oh yeah, he had some severe colic/reflux issues so that MAY have had something to do with it!

I DO hope the no-cry solution will work for you..keep us updated!