Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gratitude Sunday

Ok, here it is again. The top 5 things I am grateful for today.

1. Rain. It's been raining all weekend. I really like when it rains down here and snows up in the Mountains. Lots of water to fill our reservoirs so I can water my garden this summer. It is also clearing out the inversion (I think I link to that more than anything these days) which is good. I have been so sick from the gross air and Libby is getting it now too. YUCK! So, I'm grateful that the rain is clearing it all out.

2. Bloggy Friends. I love that I have all of you who read and comment on my blog. Makes my days awesome!!

3. Our new President. Yep, pretty dang awesome. And how cute are his girls? I mean seriously, they are such little dollies! And his, she looked AMAZING at the Inauguration Ball. Wow.

4. My real live friends. Not that those of you who just read my blog aren't real live, but the ones I get to see in the flesh and chat with and play with. It's just nice to talk to someone in person, even if it is only for 30 minutes while Seth is in story time in the library (thanks Kate!).

5. My Ergo. I love my Ergo baby carrier. I know, I make slings so this might be a bit confusing to you. I love all sorts of baby carriers. I love my sling when my baby is really little, and for being out and about. But, for extended periods of time (i.e. Libby is sick and wants to held 24/7) the Ergo is the thing for me. I love it, love it, love it.

6. I know, I said 5, but this one I just can't not talk about today. My Son. He is the sweetest boy and is SO funny. We know that right? But seriously, he is the only one who can make Libby laugh. And she LAUGHS so much with him. He loves his sisters and is such a good big brother. I am so lucky to have such a sweet little guy.

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TopHat said...

I'm glad the inversion has been sent away by the rain, too. :)