Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Exhale.Return to Center.

Have you all noticed that I have a sponsor?? Yeah, she pretty much rocks the party. Her name is Erin Goodman and she is someone you should know.

I met Erin 5 years ago in a due date forum on We were both pregnant and due at the same time, I with Seth; she with Lily. She always struck me as someone that I would love to hang out with. Just so open, honest and real. She is still the same way. We'd lost contact for a while until recently when I found her blog again.

She is really a breath of fresh air. Her blog, Exhale Return to Center, helps you to do just that. She is very inspiring. She and her children have adventures, they clean together, play together, and let go of anger together. I have learned so much about being a better Mother from her.

Not only is she a fabulous Mother, but she is also a writer and a yoga instructor! I know it, she just gets better and better! This last weekend she hosted a retreat for some very lucky women.

For four-and-a-half years, I have been dreaming of creating a space for mothers to retreat and relax and go inside and return to center.

She has done it! She is now offering workshops that will do just what she has been dreaming of. Time for yoga, writing, chocolate and tea. If you live in the Rhode Island area, be sure to register for this. It promises to be amazing, it promises to give you a chance to exhale. return to center.

If you don't live in the Rhode Island area, never fear! This year she and her hubby have plans to take it and another fun event (beer tasting and partner yoga class) on the road!! So, if you have a great mama-friendly yoga studio in your area, contact Erin at erin AT eringoodman DOT com.

Thank you Erin.

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Lolli said...

Yes, I did notice your sponsor! That is so cool! I also think it's neat that you guys have kept in touch all this time after meeting in an online forum (I also have good friends form a due date forum--there must be something special about being pg together)