Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You've Got Questions...I've Got Answers!

Ok, so I guess I'm either not as much of a mystery as I thought, or just kind of boring because only 2 people had questions for me. No matter, a question is a question and I am happy to answer them!

First is from my irl friend, Bug Loving Mama. She says:

Ok, I'll bite. Two questions off the top of my head:
1. Why did you learn sign language?
2. How do you respond when people refer to LLL as "the boob nazis?"

1. I learned American Sign Language (ASL) starting when I was 6. I really didn't have a choice. My Mom had always been fascinated with the language and decided to take a class. My little brother and I were her captive audience, so we got to learn with her. So really, I've known it for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn't until I was in college and majoring in Deaf Education that I became fluent in the language. I decided that I didn't want to be a teacher, so I left school (big regret!) and became an interpreter instead. I loved interpreting and did it in a public school district for 2 1/2 years, until Emma was born. I have since taught parents to sign with their children and loved that also!

2. I actually get a little upset when anyone refers to La Leche League as anything with Nazi in the word. Nazis were really terrible people and did terrible things. I would never force anyone to breastfeed. While I know it is best and is best for me and my family, I am not about to force any of my beliefs or knowledge on another person -- or judge them because they don't think the same way I do.
I prefer someone call me a passionate -- I'll be a passionate breastfeeder -- I like that better than boob nazi ;)

And from Becky (a really fun girl by the way, go check out her awesome blog!)

Hmmm. You seem to embrace the attachment method of parenting. Would that be an accurate statement? Did you always want to parent like that? (Because I had all sorts of ideas before I actually had kids...) What are your top three rules of being a good mom?

Yes, I do embrace the Attachment Parenting method of parenting. Very nicely put. For those who are wondering what in the world Attachment Parenting (AP) is -- it is babywearing, extended breastfeeding, nursing on demand, gentle discipline, co-sleeping and lots of other great stuff ;) For me, it just makes sense. It is treating these little people like human beings and how I would want to be treated.

Did I always know I would parent like this? Well, yes and no. I always knew that I wouldn't spank or cry it out -- those things just seemed mean (and in my opinion nothing good comes of either). However, I never thought I'd co-sleep. I remember when I was pregnant with Emma, my 10 year old nephew came over and, looking at the crib, asked me what that was. I told him, "that is a crib, that is what babies are supposed to sleep in". Oh how I laugh at that girl. The night Emma came home from the hospital I had her in the bassinet and I couldn't sleep. I pulled her into our bed and the crib became a great place for storage. As for breastfeeding -- I always knew I'd do it, no question in my mind. I never put a time limit on it either. I embrace child-led weaning (with a wee bit of help from Mama sometimes).

My top three rules for parenting?
1. Treat them like I want to be treated -- like children of God.
2. Give them food. It doesn't matter if they just ate, if they're hungry, they're hungry!
3. Realize that they are each so different and what I did for one may not work for the other. Be flexible and everyone will be much happier.

Thanks for the questions girlies! If anyone else has questions, ask away!


Becky said...

Excellent number one parenting rule! I forget that all too often.

Great answers all around.

Christy M. said...

Oh, no! I guess I missed your post about questions. That's what happens when I read blogs every 3 days. Shoot.

If you'll accept a late submission, I think I have a couple for you as well! You could do a part 2!!

Veronica Lee said...

Great blog. Welcome to MBC!

Christy M. said...

Okay, since I emailed you and asked you if I could submit some questions late and you said YES, here goes!

How did you lose Emma? Was she sick?

Do you plan to have more children?

Who inspires you most?

Will you hang out with me at Blogher?

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

Too bad I missed the questions... If you do a part 2, let me know....

BTW, I have something for you on my blog since forever, but just now I had to chance to come and let you know.... It is on the post from January 4th: http://www.3bloomingbuds.com/2009/01/kreativ-blogger-award-update-and.html